About MK Aromatics Limited

We are engaged in conversion of post-consumer waste plastics to Synthetic Crude Oil and downstream refining of Synthetic Crude Oil derived from waste plastics to value added Petroleum Hydrocarbon Derivatives. We manufacture various aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents, carbon & it’s by-products for various industrial application. We also offer tailor made solvent based on customer application.

Eco Friendly Facility

The Process facility is fully environmentally friendly Low Emissions, No hazardous Waste.

Cost Effective Methodology

Cost Effective Methodology
The integrated plastic waste processing system is highly cost effective in nature.

Efficient Waste Plastic Management

An efficient and economical alternative to land fill disposal and recycling.

Plastic Helpline

Systematic & hygienic collection of industrial and domestic waste plastics through Plastic helpline.


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